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It had been a dry summer, and the spring that followed was no different. The river that powered the one grist mill in Glover’s valley was flowing slowly. On June 6, 1810 after being plagued by drought, the miller Aaron Willson enlisted the help of 60 men and boys to dig a trench creating a northern outlet for the 1 mile long, half a mile wide, over 125 feet deep, Long Pond, on the Glover-Greensboro line, that would increase the water power for the mill. As work progressed into the afternoon they realized, a little too late, that underneath the hardpan was quicksand. Two billon gallons of water crashed out of its banks. In 1.5 Hours Long Pond drained completely destroying everything in its path. Six hours and 23 miles later after rushing through Glover, Barton, and Coventry,the Long Pond waters emptied into Lake Memphremagog in Newport. Amazingly, no lives were lost. The tragedy of the runaway pond turned into a blessing, leaving behind enriched soils for better farmland and a path for Route 16 creating a space for Glover Village, ten years later. For a full history of Glover, read more here.


The historical event is relived each summer during Glover Day, the last Saturday in July, where the town holds a 5.5 mile race from Runaway Pond to the town green.